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HR policy

The key objectives of the personnel and social policy of the Company (the “Policy”) aimed at achievement of targets of the Development Strategy of Electric Grid Complex, are as follows:

  • planning of personnel requirements, ensuring of availability of reliable information about operational and forecast quantitative and qualitative personnel requirements necessary and sufficient to fulfill the Company’s tasks;
  • timely meeting of the Company’s qualified personnel requirements;
  • ensuring of personnel performance, and workforce productivity growth in the Company.

The mentioned key targets of the personnel and social policy are achieved through the implementation of a set of measures in various areas of activity and the achievement of established milestones:

  • in the field of organization design;
  • in the area of personnel reserve and development;
  • in the area of personnel performance management (personnel motivation);
  • in the area of social benefits and guarantees;
  • in the area of personnel safety and working culture.