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Company Tariff Policy

The prices (tariffs) of the Company’s services for electric power transmission and technological connections are regulated by the state and fixed by REC PTD KT orders. For the Krasnodar Krai and the Republic of Adygea where the Company operates, the uniform tariffs are set for each group of electric power customers.

Fundamental regulatory legal acts governing relations in the fields of establishing regulated tariffs and their application are:

  • Federal Law No. 35-FZ of 3/26/2003 “On Electricity Production” (as amended);
  • Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 1178 of 12/29/2011 “On Pricing in the Area of Controlled Prices (Tariffs) in Electric Power Industry” (as amended);
  • Orders of the Federal Tariff Service of Russia:
    • “On Approval of Methodological Guidelines for Regulation of Tariffs Using the Method of Return on Invested Capital” No. 228-e of 3/30/2012;
    • “On Approval of the Methodological Guidelines for the Calculation of Regulated Tariffs and Prices for Electricity (Thermal) Energy in the Retail (Consumer) Market” No. 20-e/2 of 8/6/2004;
    • “On Approval of Guidelines for Determining the Amount of Payment for Technological Connection to Electric Grids” No. 209-e/1 of 9/11/2012.